A look behind the curtain

The brains, heart and courage behind why we do what we do



Who is behind the curtain?

While this site often refers to the company as "we", the woman behind the curtain here is Sarah Williams. For Sarah's career history, you can view her LinkedIn profile. She has worked in some of the most successful and prominent companies in the South West and is experienced in working in both startups and larger, more corporate companies.


Why we're good at what we do

Aside from having over 10 years of professional experience, we just genuinely love what we do. We are continuously improving in what we do by keeping up to date with new developments in the subject areas using social media, blogs, books, live coding streams, local meetups and conferences.


Why we love what we do

To us, working with architecture, code and technology in general isn't just a job, it's something we love. We feel extremely lucky to be able to do this as a job because we enjoy it so much. This love of software development is what drives us to help every company that contacts us to fulfil their potential and why we love to mentor the next generation of developers.


Why we do what we do

Closely linked to our heart, we had the courage to go out and create Yellow Brick Code because we're passionate about helping companies be the best they can be. There are a lot of outdated practices still being used in the world of software development and we want to help companies of all sizes compete against the top companies in the world when it comes to building software development teams that people want to work in that create incredible pieces of software.