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The information that helped React "click" for me

Posted on   /3 min read

As I'm learning React, with a background in using Vue, there was one piece of information that really gave me that 'eureka' moment

Rebuilding with a new purpose

Posted on   /5 min read

With my period of self-employment coming to an end, it was time to rebuild this site as a place for me

Fight For The Architecture

Posted on   /2 min read

Inspired by 'Clean Architecture', my thoughts on why developers are stakeholders too

Saving Trees With Free RSVP's

Posted on   /5 min read

As a developer, I couldn't just use paper for my RSVP's!

Why Fusion Drives and Windows Don't Mix

Posted on   /3 min read

Figuring out why Bootcamp on a fusion drive was so slow