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Coding and stories and thoughts, oh my!

I created this blog to write more and share about what I learn. As a polyglot software engineer, I cover a lot of ground and love to learn and understand a wide range of technologies. Writing about these sometimes helps me process what I'm learning.

Some of the subjects you're likely to read about here are:

  • Software architecture (front end and back end)
  • Team leadership
  • Front end frameworks and libraries
  • Back end technologies
  • Cloud architecture and technologies

How did I build this site?

At the time my site was due for a rebuild, I was learning React (after coming from using Vue for 2 years). I decided to build this site using Next.js to help me put into practice everything I was learning with React.

For styling I really wanted to keep it simple and I've used my go-to framework, Tailwind CSS. The illustrations were kindly done by my very talented wife.