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Encouraging forward thinking development teams

Every company wants their team of developers to be the best they can be. In a competitive market for hiring developers, we believe bringing the structure and culture of a development team up-to-date is a key factor in being an attractive place to work.

We can help with:
Reviewing your current team structure and culture
Advising on how to change your structure and culture to attract new employees
Helping you implement changes
Helping you implement CI & CD
Mentoring your developers
Advising on training plans
Assist with setup of an outsourced development team

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Specialising in cloud first architecture

Building cloud native web applications allows you to build and scale efficiently and effectively. We believe the cloud is a powerful tool that can be leveraged for web applications of all sizes and any age. We are familiar with both Microsoft Azure and AWS product offerings but would be happy to work with other cloud providers if needed.

We can help with:
Reviewing your current architecture
Planning new architecture
Implementing new architecture
Improving existing architecture

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Passionate about clean code

With over 10 years experience developing enterprise level web applications, we know the importance of clean code and how to implement it. Good code will have a longer lifespan and can make iterative development quicker and more resilient.

We can help with:
Reviewing your current code base
Advising on good coding practices
Establishing coding guidelines
Full stack development for new or existing applications

The languages we can offer development services for are:
.Net Core 2.x onwards
.Net 4.x

Some of the JS frameworks we have experience with are:
Knockout JS & Durandal

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